(Amended in 2011)

  1. The name of the Old Boys/Girls Union, Government College Of Education For Science , Town Ship Lahore/ Education University, Town Ship Lahore (shall be “Alumni Association ”.
  2. Membership of the Alumni Association is open to such old students of the College/University as were on the rolls of the College/University for at least three academic years except those who were expelled, rusticated or blacklisted; to members of the staff of the College/University and to those ex-member of the staff who have been on the strength of the College/University for five years.
  3. An old student, who has been on the rolls of the College/University for less than three academic years, may be admitted as a member by the Executive Committee as a special case.
  4. All members shall be Life Members.
  5. The life subscription shall be Rs. 300/= or as may be re-fixed by the Union.
  6. The Old Student Union shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the following:
    1. President
    2. The Vice Chancellor, Education  University Tonwn Ship Lahore shall be the ex-officio Patron of the Alumni Association.
    3. Two Vice Presidents, one of whom shall be a female.
    4.  Secretary .
    5. Regional Coordinators
  7. The Executive Committee shall be elected every two years on the occasion of Annual General Meeting.
  8. Those  who are the members of the staff of Education University, Town Ship Lahore will not contest for any post of the Alumni Association.
  9. The minimum age for the post of President will be 40 years.
  10. The candidate for the office of the President should have studied at least for Three years in the College/University.
  11. Five members of the Executive Committee shall form a quorum for holding a meeting of the Executive Committee
  12. The quorum for a general body meeting shall be twenty at least.
  13. The monogram of the Alumni Association shall be the same as the College/University monogram with Alumni Association written at the top and Education University, Town Ship Lahore written below it.
  14. No amendment can be made in the rules of the Alumni Association except in a General Body Meeting where at least three-forth of the members must vote for the proposed amendment.
  15. The accounts of the Alumni Association shall be jointly operated by the President and  Secretary.
  16. The minimum age for the candidates for the posts of Vice President, Vice President (Ladies), Secretary and Treasure will be 30 years.
  17. Candidates to contest the elections of the Union will become eligible after two years of their registration as members.
  18. Correspondence with the members would be undertaken by  Secretary along with President.All Information will be uploading on the website i.e


  • Members of the Old Student  Union are cordially invited to the University annual sports.
  • For other functions arrangement for participation can be made on request.
  • Old Students are eligible to become life subscribers of the University Magazine ‘The Justjoo’ by paying life subscription of Rs. 500/- only or by paying annual subscription for a single copy.
  • Old Students are eligible to become members of the University Library with the special permission of the Vice Chancellor and can draw two books at a time on furnishing a Library security of Rs. 500/- to the University Librarian. The members of the Old Student Union can get their Library membership Special Cards.
  • The spouses of the members can also attend the functions of the Old STUDENT Union.